Brian was born and raised in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. He comes from a family of locally owned small businesses. His grandfather on his father's side owned Skibo Sales in Sharon, Pennsylvania, which was one of the first discount stores in the area. His grandfather on his mother's side owned a barber shop in Mercer, Pennsylvania before he move the shop to his home's basement. Brian understands the needs of small businesses in PA-03.

Throughout much of his life, Brian got by working low-wage jobs. In 2012, however, Brian was diagnosed with brain cancer. Although the battle was difficult, he fought valuently and ultimately beat cancer. Now, Brian has his eyes set on another battle--he wants to take on career politicians who impede the opportunities of hard-working Americans.

In 2016, Represemrative Mike Kelly and the Republicans tried to health care away from millions of people who need it, including 41,400 right here in PA-03. This outraged Brian and inspired him to step up and give the people of Pennsylvania's 3rd District another option--a representative who knows how hard it is for average Americans to make ends meet and has personal experience navigating the complexities of the health care system.

Most politicians lack a personal understanding of the day to day struggles faced by hard-working Americans. Brian, however, is not like typical politicians. He knows from first-hand experience how difficult it can be to get by when finances are tight, good paying jobs are hard to come by, being intimidated by employers when considering to join a union, and going through the hardship of a terrible illness. His policies reflect the needs of the people, not special interest groups. It is time for the people of PA-03 to elect someone who understands their challenges. It's time to elect Brian Skibo.