First Bill Introduced

When elected the first bill that I will introduce will be to mandate all elected officials at the federal level to hold in-person town halls every recess in every county. If the county is large the official will hold two town halls in that county. The town hall will be moderated by a neutral party as well as streamed online and constituents can listen to it over the phone.

Elected officials have hidden from their constituents for far too long. If they can't defend their votes and face their voters, then they shouldn't be in office.

Health Care

Everybody has the right to affordable health care. As someone who is a brain cancer survivor, Brian has a personal understanding of just how complicated the health care system can be and what policies patients what enacted. They want a policy that incentivizes faster and better treatments. For years, Republicans has made it their goal to take away the freedom to have health care from millions of people without a viable substitute. The United States has long maintained a reputation as a lead of medical advances in the world. To deny the rights of citizens to health care is an injustice to the millions of Americans throughout history who have made it their life's work to fight illness, diseases, and advanced in medical technology.

Small Businesses

The backbone of our economy are small businesses. They invest in our communities and in their employees. Brian believes that this behavior should be awarded by enacting tax policies that focus on growing local businesses. Despite the positive impact of local businesses it is tougher for them to compete due to unfair Republican policies that help big corporations. This lowers wages and leads to recessions in the local economy. Brian will stand up and fight against efforts that hurt local businesses by helping them compete and expand.

Universal Basic Income

Our country suffers from income inequality. Minimum wage laws have been slow to address this problem. They also provide a loophole for employers by limiting how many hours an employee can works, which decreases the worker's yearly pay. Brian believes that everyone deserves has a right to a decent standard of living. This includes the right to food, water, housing, and other living essentials. Brian supports Universal Basic Income. Each lower to middle-class family will receive a monthly stipend to pay for their essential goods. This will guarantee that no one lives in poverty and a way to move up the economic ladder.


The world is changing and the skills once needed to land a decent job are becoming obsolete. Brian believes education is a human right and is one of the main drivers for a prosperous economy. Public education used to be viewed as a public good, but now profits are being prioritized over learning. Brian will make it a priority to enact tuition-free vocational schools, community colleges, and state universities. Brian also believes in holding all schools accountable for increasing tuition that puts students into insurmountable debt.